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Hitting the right note – what to consider when planning your wedding music

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We appreciate you want everything to be just perfect on your big day. Having the right music played at the right time will create a beautiful thread of continuity throughout your big day, setting the scene and keeping your guests entertained.

We share our expertise with you in our blog, helping you to ensure that your guests are captivated with the best music throughout your special unforgettable day.

Things to consider:

Selecting your musicians

We’re hoping as you’re reading our blog we are in the running as your choice of string quartet for your big day, but if you're still weighing up your options, may we suggest your follow our four top tips for making the best decision.

  • Check out our credentials by reading testimonials from past customers

  • Listen to and watch clips of our music – You can watch ours by visiting ‘listen and watch us play’ on our site

  • Look at the venues and events we've played at previously

  • Read about our training and experience.

Think about the type of atmosphere you want to create

Are you for a soundtrack which amplifies your surroundings? Consider your repertoire and communicate with your chosen musicians. The Astor String Quartet is always happy to assist in the planning of this aspect of the day.

You may feel that selecting a classical repertoire for a wedding in a stately home for instance may suit the mood, or you may wish to delight and surprise your guests by introducing more modern and funky classics into a formal setting. The wonderful thing is that we can do both, switching between genres as the mood dictates.

You could also mix modern and classical throughout different periods of the day (we can offer both!).

Timings: When you require music and the approach you’ll take

Think about the whole day. Here’s a helpful wedding checklist:

  • Guests arriving at venue

  • The processional music

  • Hymns or for non-religious ceremonies – alternatives which hit the right note

  • The recessional music

  • Register signing

  • Arriving for reception

  • Wedding breakfast music

  • Evening music

That said, please don’t feel you need to devise a lengthy or detailed playlist for us - we’re comfortable taking a handful of suggestions from you to put us on the right track, and then you can leave it in our capable hands for the rest of the booking. With over 1000 songs to choose from, the musical aspect of your occasion will be truly unique to you!

To find out how The Astor String Quartet can elevate your wedding to the next level, email Penelope via or call 07973 821 411

Penelope will answer your initial enquiries, firm up the ins and outs of the booking with you, and of course be present leading the quartet on the special day, making ours a uniquely tailored and exceptionally elegant service

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